Welcome to Newtown!

Newtown is the largest of Staunton’s six historic districts, and arguably the most diverse. Architecture runs the gamut—from Federal to Colonial Revival, from Italianate and ornate Victorian to Gothic Revival and simple vernacular frame houses. Some of Staunton’s most impressive historic mansions are in Newtown, several built originally as female academies. They are surrounded by less imposing single and multi-family homes of equal historic character. That’s the charm of the neighborhood!

Newtown’s central location affords walking-distance proximity to the best of what the Staunton lifestyle has to offer: the downtown core of restaurants, shops, theater and cinema, with Mary Baldwin College at one end, the Staunton Public Library and Gypsy Hill Park at the other. Plus the excellent Newtown Baking on West Beverley! Many of Staunton’s historic churches are found in Newtown as well, adding another level of interest to the neighborhood’s architectural character and anchoring its community strength. The neighborhood is bounded by Lewis Street on the east, Middlebrook Avenue on the south, Jefferson Street and Thornrose Avenue on the west, and Churchville Avenue to the north.

Demographics in Newtown are as diverse as the architecture, a factor that contributes to the lively social scene and strong neighborhood spirit. The Newtown Neighborhood Association, NNA, founded in 2000, is a thriving group run by an elected board that organizes seasonal annual events: an Ice Cream Social in summer; a Block Party on Church Street in September; a Holiday House Tour in December; and in February a Soup Supper, held in the Trinity Church Parish Hall, that features a guest speaker addressing a relevant topic.

NNA’s mission is to engage residents and property owners in activities that promote the vitality, safety, integrity, and community spirit of the Newtown neighborhood and to cooperate with other organizations in causes of common interest. We encourage volunteers!

Promoting and protecting property values in Newtown, another commitment, extends to helping renters and landlords. Since so many new residents are involved in restoring or renovating their properties, the NNA is seeking to provide a list of recommended contractors, establish a tool-sharing network, and facilitate home improvements compliant with Staunton’s historic preservation guidelines.


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  The NNA is committed to building positive relationships with organizations and entities that can help further its purposes and goals. Establishing a Neighborhood Watch through the Staunton Police Department was one of our first projects. The Board continues to maintain close contact with the City, focusing on neighborhood improvements. One example is the initiative to install unified street lighting that would be compliant with new technology supporting the Dark Sky movement. Our Adopt-a-Street commitment sweeps West Beverley four times a year, from Lewis to Frederick streets.  

Membership in NNA is open to anyone residing or owning property in the neighborhood. Other interested individuals or groups also are welcome to join. Dues are $10 per year per household. Renewals are normally collected at the annual Block Party, or at the Soup Supper—unless you opt for the $100 lifetime membership. New homeowners are welcomed to the neighborhood with a Newtown tote bag packed with information pamphlets, some treats and a membership application. Neighborhood announcements travel via email blasts to all members, along with postings on Facebook and distribution of flyers.